NEW AUDIO! Reflections (2009) for Symphonic Band

Reflections (2009)
for Symphonic Band
Approximate Duration: 7:00
World premiere on February 10, 2010, at the Round Rock Independent School District Performing Arts Center
by the McNeil High School Wind Ensemble, conducted by Mr. Travis Ancelet.

Below is a midi demo from Finale (with no non-pitched percussion):

Program Notes

While my musical tastes are diverse, I have special interest in wind band literature. Having been almost moved to tears by some of the beautiful and powerful music I have heard written for bands and wind ensembles, it has been a goal in my composing to be able to write with lyricism and strong emotion while still retaining the ability to keep the aspects of the music diverse.

Being a student in band with a love for the literature, I wrote “Reflections” as my first complete piece for band. I reflected on the fundamental elements of my favorite music and used that to create my own material and, with much thought and consideration, created the main melody and devised a blueprint for how I wanted the piece to progress. In orchestrating the piece, I showcased certain instruments such as the clarinet, horn, and euphonium due to their soulful, yet mellow tones.

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