NEW! Trombone Quartet

Two Moods (2011) for Four Trombones
for Trombone Quartet
Approximate Duration: 4:45

Below is a midi demo from Finale:

Program Notes

“Two Moods” for Four Trombones was written for my friend and trombonist Jake Johnson (McNeil High School class of 2011). For months he pressured me to write him a trombone quartet with a  jazzy and contemporary sound (and a bass line) and in February if 2011 I finally agreed, telling him I’d have it done by the beginning of April. After blowing off the project until around the time I told him I would have it completed, I spent a few weeks madly trying to compose his piece while buying time with lame excuses.

Due to the situation, I took a somewhat stream of consciousness approach in the writing that I had never tried before. I developed some thematic material and a general blueprint of the progression of the piece (which was basically only slow, then fast) and set off writing whatever came to mind.

The first draft of the piece was completed on April 14, 2011 (only 2 weeks late…). The final product is a single movement piece split into 2 distinct slow and fast parts. The music contains both contemporary classical and jazz elements (including a quasi swing feel in the fast part and a funky bass line).

Etude No. 1 (2009) for Solo Piano

Etude No. 1
for Solo Piano
Approximate Duration: 5:30

Program Notes

Etude No. 1 is the first piece I composed after taking a 4 year break from composing from 2005-2008. This piece was an experiment with minimalism and quintal harmony. Due to the repetitive nature of conflicting rhythms between the hands and difficult left hand passages up and down the keyboard (and with lack of a better title) I called the piece “Etude No. 1”.

Etude No. 1 is part of a collection of etudes for the piano called Three Pieces for Piano (To be completed in Fall 2011).

An video recording of the piece can be heard below: