NEW PIECE! Finished Mvt. 1

After almost a month of working amidst marching band and the rest of my life, I have finished the 1st movement of a large scale piece I am writing for wind ensemble. The piece (tentatively called “Ocean Currents”) depicts inanimate features of the ocean. The first movement is the introductory movement and I haven’t exactly picked a title yet, but it introduces and combines main aspects of the next three movements in a 7 minute tumultuous journey. The 2nd movement (depicting a storm) is now underway. It will be followed by a calming and more serene depiction of the night once the storm has dissipated in the 3rd movement. The 4th and final movement will depict the sheer power of the ocean (as well as the nature in general), starting with the sunrise, building waves, a not-so-scary-as-the-2nd-movement rain, and then a combination of the 3 for a huge finale. Now that I’ve reached this first milestone, it is my hope that the rest starts happening more quickly. My hope is to complete this piece by mid-November to submit in my music school audition portfolio. Along with that, I have to write a new piece for the Austin Symphony’s 2nd Annual Young Composers Competition and arrange a bunch of Christmas music for saxophone quartet, both by the end of October. I hope I can find the time for all of this between marching band and school… I’ll have a finale generated recording of the first movement very soon!

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