Busy time!

The 3 premiere performances of Affirmation took place last week at Travis and McNeil High Schools and were all spectacular! Each performance was better than the performance before it and I am very happy with how they all went. I’m liking my piece more and more every time I hear it! Now that the relaxing time of getting to listen to my music is over, it’s back to work. There are a number of revisions I am making to the piece and I am generating my own set of parts (which I can expect maybe 1/2 hour per part times 33 parts…). Just gotta get all that done in the next month or so in preparation for the next performance at the Long Center on April 26 with Peter Bay conducting. I can’t wait!

I also just found out that the Mid-Texas Symphony under the direction of David Mairs (the conductor who led the ASO in the premieres of both Toward Sky’s End and Affirmation) will be performing Toward Sky’s End in their May concert this year!

The premiere of Two Moods in coming up on April 16 with the Central Texas Civic Trombone Choir. I’m really excited for that also and can’t wait to work with them more in preparation for the concert.

Finally, I am working on a band transcription of Toward Sky’s End (which is actually the ensemble that it was originally envisioned for, not orchestra) which I will conduct at my final concert with the McNeil High School Wind Ensemble this coming May.

A list of all recent/upcoming performances for the year can be found under the new Performances page.

Premiere of “Affirmation” Coming Up!

The Austin Symphony Orchestra is rehearsing my newest work for orchestra, “Affirmation” this coming Sunday and Monday in preparation for the premiere Wednesday next week at Travis High School during their AT&T High School Concert Series. That week, it’ll be performed at Travis and McNeil High Schools. Later this year, on April 26, 2012, the ASO will perform it at Dell Hall in the Long Center in their Young Composers Concert.

All State!

About a week late, but I made first chair at the Area D audition to place in one of the TMEA All-State bands. Only the first chair in the room gets to advance to state, and after missing by one chair in the past I finally got it! After getting first chair in the All-State Jazz Ensemble last year, I didn’t audition for it this year and decided to go for the band. So far it’s working out. Last step: try to get 1st chair in state!