School is Back in Session

I really need to get better about posting updates on here! My last update was right before summer break started from classes at UT. Now that it’s over…. The summer was great – relaxing and productive and eventful! Lots of dancing games. Actually, way too much dancing games! Besides 3 weeks of family visiting from all over the country, the highlight of the summer was a 9 day road trip with my dad to New Hampshire to deliver a car to my uncle. Across the 13 states we drove through, our stops included Memphis, Nashville, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Boston, and Manhattan (where we spent 2 days and walked about 20 miles!). It was a really something to be able to see so many historic parts of the country that until then I had only seen and heard about in books and on TV and the computer.

A particularly exciting piece of news over the summer was that the University of Alabama Symphony Band has programmed Toward Sky’s End to close their performance at the 2014 CBDNA Southern Regional Conference in Jacksonville, FL next Spring! I’m thrilled to have a band from such a great school performing my work at such a great venue.

School started last week and is off to a good start. My current composition project is a piece for pipe organ that I am writing for my past piano teacher for the re-dedication concert of the recently renovated organ at University Presbyterian Church. As I talked about a few months ago, I have switched my principal instrument to piano. I had forgotten how gratifying it is to play the piano and have rediscovered a passion for playing that I haven’t had in a long time.

I’ve said it before – stay tuned for more updates. I think it’s time to actually start doing more updates. We’ll see…

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