On Saturday, March 1, 2014, the University of Alabama Symphonic Band under the direction of Randall Coleman will be performing Toward Sky’s End (Band Version) at the 2014 CBDNA Southern Regional Conference (University of North Florida, Jacksonville). I am thrilled to say that I will be in attendance along with fellow Austin composer Daniel Montoya Jr. whose work, “X“, will also be featured on the program. I fly out the morning of February 28th and the performance will be the next afternoon. This will be my first time to travel to work with a group and hear one of my pieces performed. I can hardly wait!

Besides that, the year is off to a good start. Classes at UT are looking to be great this semester and I have just begun studying with renowned composer Donald Grantham. Besides my trip to Florida, I will be taking a trip to Chicago with my brother in mid-February. I can’t wait to see Chicago for the first time. I’m hoping the weather is bearable… we had a light freeze in Austin that practically shut down the city. People have told me to be prepared for single digit temperatures plus strong winds – can’t even imagine. Should be interesting to say the least. Lastly, my works have seen recent sales in Europe as well as my first sale to Asia! It’s been an eventful January – let’s hope it keeps up for the rest of the year!

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