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I found out recently that I was a recipient of the Thomas A. Caswell and Rebeca Diaz Caswell Memorial Scholarship for band students in the Austin area going to UT! The Austin Symphony’s last performance of Affirmation at the 2nd Annual Young Composers Concert went very well. Lately, I’ve been busy working on a new arrangement of Giamperi’s Carnival of Venice for solo clarinet and band for McNeil’s Spring Concert next Friday, where we’ll be featuring our clarinet teacher Vanguel Tangarov.

Later today is the Mid-Texas Symphony’s performance of Toward Sky’s End at 4:00 in the New Braunfels Civic Center. Like I mentioned earlier, our band’s spring concert is this coming Friday. Besides my Carnival of Venice arrangement, I’ll be conducting the premier of my new wind ensemble version of Toward Sky’s End and we will have a joint production between the MHS wind ensemble and choir of selections from Orff’s Carmina Burana, which I have helped organize. It’s been a very busy couple weeks, but it’ll be all done soon enough.

Upcoming Events/News/Article

The Austin Symphony Orchestra is performing Affirmation this coming Thursday, April 26, 2012 at 7:30 at the Long Center as the last piece of the 2nd Annual Young Composers Concert. This concert features the top 7 entries in their 2nd Annual Young Composers Contest. Tickets are cheap, only $8.

The McNeil High School Wind Ensemble has begun working on my new band arrangement of Toward Sky’s End which they will premiere on May 11, 2012. Should be a great concert. Rehearsals are going very well and I’m very excited about all of it.

I have accepted my admission to UT Austin’s Butler School of Music as a composition student.

Finally, the article from Austin Monthly has been published online and can be read here. The article, called “The Wunderkind Years” by Anne Lang features profiles four Austin area athletes and myself.


The April issue of Austin Monthly Magazine which features me in one of it’s articles is now being sold around the Austin area. The article, called “The Wunderkind Years” by Anne Lang features profiles four Austin area athletes and myself.

The wind ensemble arrangement of Toward Sky’s End is now complete and I am in the tedious process of making parts. Luckily, I’ve had so much practice making parts lately that I’m getting pretty efficient doing it. The McNeil High School wind ensemble will be performing it at our final concert this year on May 11 and I will be conducting. I’m really looking forward to getting the chance to work with the band and think it’ll be a great last experience in the band before I graduate.

Preparations are still underway for the Austin Symphony’s performance of Affirmation next month on Thursday, April 26 at 7:30 at the Long Center. This weekend I’ll be recording a video interview about the piece that will be featured before the performance of the piece at the concert. Rehearsals begin in 4 weeks!

The Central Texas Civic Trombone Choir is still working on my piece Two Moods for their upcoming concert in April. Rehearsals are awesome and I’m excited to hear the premier!

Lastly, the McNeil Sax Ensemble is beginning to work on our Spring/Summer program, which will include some cool blues, rock, and pop music with our usual tunes. Go to my YouTube Music Performance Channel to hear some of our stuff.

Busy time!

The 3 premiere performances of Affirmation took place last week at Travis and McNeil High Schools and were all spectacular! Each performance was better than the performance before it and I am very happy with how they all went. I’m liking my piece more and more every time I hear it! Now that the relaxing time of getting to listen to my music is over, it’s back to work. There are a number of revisions I am making to the piece and I am generating my own set of parts (which I can expect maybe 1/2 hour per part times 33 parts…). Just gotta get all that done in the next month or so in preparation for the next performance at the Long Center on April 26 with Peter Bay conducting. I can’t wait!

I also just found out that the Mid-Texas Symphony under the direction of David Mairs (the conductor who led the ASO in the premieres of both Toward Sky’s End and Affirmation) will be performing Toward Sky’s End in their May concert this year!

The premiere of Two Moods in coming up on April 16 with the Central Texas Civic Trombone Choir. I’m really excited for that also and can’t wait to work with them more in preparation for the concert.

Finally, I am working on a band transcription of Toward Sky’s End (which is actually the ensemble that it was originally envisioned for, not orchestra) which I will conduct at my final concert with the McNeil High School Wind Ensemble this coming May.

A list of all recent/upcoming performances for the year can be found under the new Performances page.

NEW PIECE! Finished Mvt. 1

After almost a month of working amidst marching band and the rest of my life, I have finished the 1st movement of a large scale piece I am writing for wind ensemble. The piece (tentatively called “Ocean Currents”) depicts inanimate features of the ocean. The first movement is the introductory movement and I haven’t exactly picked a title yet, but it introduces and combines main aspects of the next three movements in a 7 minute tumultuous journey. The 2nd movement (depicting a storm) is now underway. It will be followed by a calming and more serene depiction of the night once the storm has dissipated in the 3rd movement. The 4th and final movement will depict the sheer power of the ocean (as well as the nature in general), starting with the sunrise, building waves, a not-so-scary-as-the-2nd-movement rain, and then a combination of the 3 for a huge finale. Now that I’ve reached this first milestone, it is my hope that the rest starts happening more quickly. My hope is to complete this piece by mid-November to submit in my music school audition portfolio. Along with that, I have to write a new piece for the Austin Symphony’s 2nd Annual Young Composers Competition and arrange a bunch of Christmas music for saxophone quartet, both by the end of October. I hope I can find the time for all of this between marching band and school… I’ll have a finale generated recording of the first movement very soon!

NEW AUDIO! Reflections (2009) for Symphonic Band

Reflections (2009)
for Symphonic Band
Approximate Duration: 7:00
World premiere on February 10, 2010, at the Round Rock Independent School District Performing Arts Center
by the McNeil High School Wind Ensemble, conducted by Mr. Travis Ancelet.

Below is a midi demo from Finale (with no non-pitched percussion):

Program Notes

While my musical tastes are diverse, I have special interest in wind band literature. Having been almost moved to tears by some of the beautiful and powerful music I have heard written for bands and wind ensembles, it has been a goal in my composing to be able to write with lyricism and strong emotion while still retaining the ability to keep the aspects of the music diverse.

Being a student in band with a love for the literature, I wrote “Reflections” as my first complete piece for band. I reflected on the fundamental elements of my favorite music and used that to create my own material and, with much thought and consideration, created the main melody and devised a blueprint for how I wanted the piece to progress. In orchestrating the piece, I showcased certain instruments such as the clarinet, horn, and euphonium due to their soulful, yet mellow tones.